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How to Avoid Loses as a POULTRY FARMER

Many people who do poultry farming have a dream or target of being successful. obviously it is the main goal in every business. But do we really major in finding ways to solve problems that are facing poultry farming? Today in this article I will be majorly focused on giving solutions to farmers to improve their production and reduce losses.

First of all I myself have done poultry farming for almost 5years and whatever i am going to share is out of experience and impacts it has had on my poultry success.

I know the first challenge that everyone is worried about is disease. But before I explain anything in this , can you imagine you have fift layers and are infected once with coccidiosis and all of them die? It sounds discouraging but that's the reality if you invest in poultry farming without learning ways to solve this particular problem.

It is sometimes good when everything goes as expected even without medication but sometimes it is important to be cautious about the same. As a poultry farmer it makes no sense when you have 50 birds and all of them die . This is very important as you get started or you want to reinstall. your fallen poultry farming.

Another thing that each poultry farmer should put into consideration is feeding their birds. There two ways you can feed your birds ; either manually or automatically. Last year I made an automatic poultry feeder and it has its own advantages for example saving time and ensuring poultry don't miss feeds while I am away.

That doesn't matter ,what is important is the right feed to poultry at the right time. If your poultry are upstairs ensure you supply sand because they are important in digestion . If poultry misses sand they will have problems in digestion and therefore fall sick and the production goes down.

Another thing that is important is hygiene. Ensure your poultry house is clean and well drained to prevent diseases. a wet environment discourages layers so if your poultry are not laying ensure your laying box is located somewhere dry.

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