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How Rearing Only 10 Pigs Can Earn You More Than ksh 80,000 Every Half a Year

Many farmers may wonder on how to start animal rearing that may earn him good amount. Sometimes lacking idea is something normal. You may fail to understand which kind of animal rearing may earn you alot of money. This why I did some research about pig rearing and therefore decided to share my ideas and findings with farmers across Africa.

Starting pig rearing does not need a lot of capital and is very cheap to initiate. It only need a farmer to build a pen, where you will keep the animal or rather if you are incapable of constructing one pigs can stay outside provided that the environment is safe and secure.

What may be expensive is buy piglets which can not cost more than ksh 10,000. Since it is the first time you are investigating in this kind of agriculture for the first time you can start with only 10 piglets. 8 female and 2 male to balance them and make it easy for them to mate after maturity.

Feeding pig is not a big task. They are the type of animals that can feed on ugali remains, vegetables and sometimes can feed on their own. Buy floor remains from the posho Mills and prepare them some ugali once in day. If you have ever been keen at observing bigs they feed on ugali. Ensure there is enough water place where they can deep themselves since they like watery places.

Let's say all your 8 female pigs mature. One pig can give birth to even 10 piglets and it depends with the care you give your animals. During pregnancy the pigs will need feed with high nutrients i.e greenstuffs.

Pig have an expectancy period of roughly four months that is 111 to 120 days. It means that in one year a pig can give birth twice.

Be Keen now and see how you can earn lucratively from this project. Be patient because it can only take two years before the piglets mature. You had 8 female pigs within a half a year they will have given birth to almost 80 piglets. At markets today one piglet cost 1,000 shillings. Therefore it means that within a half a year you will have made 80,000 shillings on selling your piglets. Possible if they give birth again before the year end you will make 80,000 shillings again and that adds to 160,000 shillings in a year.

Alternatively you can keep your piglets till they mature and sell them to butcher man at a cost of a big pig which is roughly 5,000 shillings. It will be you now to make decision.

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