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5 Main factors that African nations are not superpower

1. Corruption

Many African nations are corrupt whereby the public funds are embezzled.Although some of the African countries have valuable resources such as minerals after which they have exploits and sells,they still being poor because money are benefited by some individuals2.Adverse climatic conditions

Many countries in Africa especially in Saharan region experience bad weather conditions as the area is dry and does not support the growth of plants which people can use as source of food and even sells to earn income2. Inadequate Use Of Technology

In many as African countries, don't afford the current technology which can use in terms of; minerals exploitation, mechanization in farms and in production activities in industries3.High Illiteracy Level

Many people in the continent are illiterate whereby they are not able to venture into activities which requires knowledge such as in production and management of products produced

4.Political Instability

Many nations in the continent experiences wars in terms of ethnicities and bad governance which causes conflicts among them which later has a very negative impact to the whole nation because production of goods will not be comfortably and effectively produced

5. Inadequate Capital

Capital that can be used in production activities is very less whereby even some of the countries are not able to acquire loans from financial institutions as they have low securities incase if they are unable to pay back the loan

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