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Newspapers Review: How Covid-19 Affects Your 'Bedroom' Appetite and Other Stories Making Headlines

A scan through various newspapers in the country showed different coverage of stories. Newspapers had unique stories though a majority of them were major developments in the country.

Here are the top stories of various newspapers in the country:

People Daily

People Daily focused on how Covid-19 funds were misused by the government.

According to Auditor General reports, various government expenditure showed some sought of unnecessary expenditure in government at a time when the Covid-19 is wrecking across the country.

In the report, many government institutions spent millions of shillings on travel and hospitality well as training.

This comes even as the government is struggling to raise revenue to finance its budget.

The Star

The Star focused on. research that the Covid-19 lowers bedroom appetite.

The research shows that many were satisfied with their partner's performance while also a majority had no moods of getting into the act.

The paper also highlighted former Chief Justice Mutunga's letter to the president where he urged him to appoint the six judges as soon as possible.

The former Caj told the president that he has no other option than to follow the constitution to the latter and appoint the sox judges.

Daily Nation

The DN focused on how political parties are jostling for Kenya's 16.3 registered voters.

Many parties are working their way in ensuring that they get a significant share of the registered voters ahead of the 2022 polls.

The Standard

The Standard focused on the few periods President Uhuru Kenyatta jas been left with to complete his legacy projects.

With a focus on the budget, the paper paid attention to how his last year in office will look like give the huge debt that is govt is forced to shoulder.

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