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Relief to All Gas Cylinder Users as New Dropped in Prices Announced by European Nations

Good news to all people using gas cylinders as European nation announces the new lowest prices of gas cylinders to all customers using this product.

Russian government affirmed that low-income earners have been struggling to pay considerable taxes, leaving them with less money for daily transactions.

The government spokesperson ascertain that this product fell by about 6 percent to €160 ($158.69) per megawatt hour, and this is the lowest level since it hit €155 in late July.

The Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) Gas Futures contract is a virtual trading point for natural gas in the Netherlands and a benchmark for trading in Europe.

From the reports, the Treasury has cut value-added tax (VAT) charged on cooking gas by half, handing consumers a major relief amid rising global prices of the commodity of maize flour and petroleum products.

European natural also said that the gas costs dropped sharply on Wednesday, shortly after Italy announced that it would continue to receive gas from Russian supplier Gazprom.

The news came after Russia said it planned to continue pumping gas through Austria to Italy following a short supply halt on the weekend.

An attendant at the station said prices have reduced over the past few days, and they regularly update the price list whenever there is a change.

“I put up the new price list recently when the prices reduced. The small gas cylinder was retailing at Sh1,500 and the large one at Sh3,250.”

Russian majority state-owned energy corporation Gazprom said there were absolutely no geopolitical reasons for the delivery.

Rather, the halt was caused by payment issues.

The Italian minority-owned company announced on Wednesday that it found a solution to the problem with Italian customers.

Additionally, “concerns over supply shortages this winter may have been mitigated by a recent IEA report,” said experts at the German bank Commerzbank.

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