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What You Need to Know About Starting And Running a Successful Poultry Business

Animal husbandry has become one of the most promising agricultural ventures for many Kenyan farmers today. Rearing of cows, goats, sheep and poultry has become every part and parcel of a Kenyan farmer's life, especially in rural areas. For now, let's focus on how one can set up and run a successful poultry farm. Out of all types of animal husbandry, poultry farming is the simplest and the most economical. It requires less skill, less capital, less time for starters. Now for you to startup and run a successful poultry project, one must consider the following:

1. Proper Planning.

For venturing out in egg and meat production, one should consider having a proper and solid plan from day one. For running a successful poultry business, one must do reconnaissance on market, type of breed, shelter, and total cost for a startup which include the purchase of pieces of equipment feeds and other requirements.

2. Shelter.

Putting up a standard shelter is another key thing in the poultry business. An average shelter that can hold 100 birds will take up at most 20k. If you are a beginner I would highly recommend a free range system that is less cost-effective however, you must put up a stronger biosecurity system such as ensuring that you are vaccinated regularly nad treated when they show signs of illness.

3. Physical security and biosecurity.

Physical security involves securing the poultry from physical harm by predators and theft. This arrived at by ensuring that the poultry shelter is burglar proofed. Biosecurity is achieved through regular vaccination and other disease control mechanism.

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