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Profitable small business to start in 2021

There are many businesses going on around us daily. Some people operating those businesses are the owners while others are just employed to run those businesses. Even the people working in offices have ventured into business since it's a good side hustle. Below are some of the small profitable businesses.

1. Cyber cafe

Cyber cafe is a good business to invest in today. You need to find an area with a good electrictricity supply, good location and some capital to buy the required equipments. You can offer wide varieties of services such as photocopying, printing, scanning etc.

2. Selling second hand clothes.

Many people can't afford to buy brand new clothes from the shop. They depend on second hand clothes. You need capital to buy your balevand the good thing about this business is that you can get double of your investment for example if you buy a t-shirt at 50 shillings you can sell it at 100 shillings and still get market easily.

3. Photography.

Many people like taking good pictures nowadays. You need to get a high quality camera. Advertise your quality services and you can get market from events such as weedings and parties.

4. Barbershop/ saloon.

This is a type of business which always gets good market as long as you provide quality services. You need a space and capital to buy equipments.

5. Butchery business.

Butchery business is a good business. There is always a 50 shillings profit per every kg of meat sold. Just locate your business strategically and offer good services.

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