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'Despite My Illeteracy, I'm A Millionaire And I Entrust My Businesses To My Learned Wife' Man Shares

Meet Muigai alias Kenyatta from Naivasha, who is a successful business man despite never seeing the inside of a classroom. He hails from a broken family and his single mother struggled to provide basic needs. She was unable to pay for his school fees and he was forced to start being a herds boy at 10 years old.

Over the years, he graduated to working in flower plantations, where he met the love of His life and married her. They were blessed with 3 children. At that time he sold water after purchasing a donkey.

Kenyatta’s breakthrough came about when he started to broker lands. Here he amassed a lot of wealth amounting to millions. Presently, he has ventured into other businesses where he uses his fleet of lorries to sell building materials and chicken feeds.

“Despite my illiteracy, I'm a millionaire and I trust my wife to run my businesses because she is learned. All my children are in university and I hope to one day open a family company with them.” Muigai confessed.

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