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Gold in Fish Skin as Newton Makes Fortunes Out of It

Have you ever imagined a leather shoe made in Kenya costing ksh.6000!

It is happening in kisumu county Kajulu. Newton Owino a business man based in Kisumu turns fish skin into leather. His company, Alisam products development and design manufactures shoes,jackets,belts,gloves,drums,chairs and caps among others from fish skin.

The company was established in 2010 and begun operating fully in 2013 as a fish leather manufacturing company. He started the company with a capital of Ksh. 200.currently Newton's company has 11 full-time employees, 9 casual employees and 270 people who benefits from the venture indirectly.

He reports that in a good year the company makes a profit of between 2million to 5million. Prices are as follows;

Shoes 2k-6k,sandals 700-1500,jackets 3600-6500,drums and chairs 1500-3500

His market is in South Africa, France, Nigeria and Uganda. Not forgetting Kenya in the Frontline of embracing the local companies and indeed! Great minds should be appreciated.

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