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The Cost Of Constructing A Chicken House In Kenya.

In Kenya, chicken cultivating is one of the most prosperous and rapidly growing enterprises. Many individuals are presently finding that beginning a business in the rural business is the best choice on the grounds that the dangers and misfortunes are the least.This is because of the tremendous market interest for farming items. To keep up with chickens, you can decide to raise grills, layers, or kienyeji.

The greatness of your venture should be considered while you make your preparation. A solitary chicken normally needs essentially a square foot to be comfortable.To ensure the chickens are very agreeable, you can give them a little extra space.

To take into account simple development without swarming, the level of the chicken house ought to be somewhere around 2 meters. You can pick either involving a wooden floor or a substantial floor for the ground surface.

In any case, because of their simplicity of upkeep, substantial walls are the ideal choice.This is the cost range for a fundamental chicken coop;

1. Ironsheets cost 4000 Ksh.

2. Kshs 1,000 for wire network.

3. Lumber costs 1,500 ksh.

4. posts cost 2,000 ksh.

5. Nails cost 600 ksh.

6. Drinking box cost 600 shillings.

All out cost = 9,700

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