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Kenya's Booming Tea Sector

Agriculture is one of the pillars of Kenya's booming economy where it contributes to more than 20 percent of the county's GDP which can be estimated to be more than 25 billion US dollars, tea is one of the key cash crops that largely contributes to the country's agriculture sector.

Kenya's tea sector is really booming where it is the largest tea producer and exporter in Africa, it exports more than 500 000 tonnes every year making it the third largest tea exporter in the world actually behind China and India which are far more industrialized than Kenya which gives them an extra advantage.

Kenya's main tea export markets are Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, The United Kingdom and the United Arabs Emirates with emerging markets (new markets) such as South Sudan, Vietnam, Angola, Philippines, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Czech Republic and Myanmar.

Kenya is currently busy trying to increase it's tea production by introducing modern methods of farming such as use of machines.

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