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Cost of Setting Up a Car Wash and Approximately Profit Per Day

Car wash is one of the business idea which has caught attention of many upcoming entrepreneurs. Car wash seems to be thriving so much in most Kenyan town. As you walk in many town you will not complete a radius of 700 metres without coming across car wash. This shows you how the business is more marketable. The number of car wash are increasing daily to meet demand of annual importation of new cars. In case you are planning to set up your own cash wash just consider the following things first.

A good car wash must advertise itself. The place you choose to set up your business should be strategically. The business should have a sign board directing customers to the premise. The place should have enough parking space to park the queuing cars.

After getting a good place to set the business, next thing is to acquire business permit declaring the business is free to start it's operation. This permit will cost around 10k per year. Ensure you have a good washing machine and reliable source of water if not so, ensure you purchase some water storage tanks. This helps to keep the business operations going. Just get an expert who will be dealing with washing of the vehicles at a fair monthly salary.

One car can be washed at average fee of 200 to 500 shillings. Assuming per day you can manage to wash 15 cars that translates to total revenue of between 3000 and 7500. This is good money if you maintain the same earnings through out the month. Thanks for reading.

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