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How celebrities earn money via Instagram without much straining

How one can earn via Instagram

People have been wondering how instagram celebraties earn.

The fact being many people across the world are interested in gaining many followers in instagram here are the advantages of it.

Advertisements- many firms may decide to pay instagram influencers for the case of advertising there products and services thus making this as there great earning source

2. Marketing there pages- one being an influencer he or she may decide to hype there pages i.e youtube channel and tik tok channel which are paying so good

3. Managing Accounts - some firm's and politicians may lack enough time to manage there accounts and calcare services thus they may be forced to employ instagram influencers to do so on there behave

4.Selling of Accounts - This bloggers create account and hype them using there main account and end up selling them at a very costly price i.e an account with 15k followers may be sold at 175$

5. Live videos gains - Remember we said at first many people are currently under pressure of gaining many followers, this instagram influencers have taken an advantage of this but starting live videos and asking for payment for you to be tagged.

Written by kelvinmanca a kenyan Actist

Content created and supplied by: Kelvinmanca (via Opera News )


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