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This is How Engineers are Going to Handle GM Footbridge for Successful Construction of Expressway

The construction of the JKIA to Westland Expressway has been ongoing. This Expressway is constructed so as to help solve jam that is usually experienced along Mombasa road. Even though the construction of this road has led to heavy traffic jam along Mombasa road, people have been very patient because of the good tidings that will come with it. The construction is very fast moving and has reached GM.

Construction of Mlolongo to Westland Expressway temporarily came to a stop when they reached GM. The engineers were temporarily stuck on how they would handle the important GM foot bridge that is likely to hinder it's construction. Was there an assessment done to this Mombasa road before the construction of Expressway? Kenyans have been wondering how these footbridges will be handled. Some netizens also gave their hilarious input of how the engineers handle the footbridge.

According to Roads agency in charge of the construction of the Expressway said that all the footbridges along Mombasa road are not going to be affected except one. Meaning, one has to be demolished. The KeNHA boss confirmed that the 185M GM foot bridge will have to go down to allow for the successful construction of the Expressway.

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