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From Scrubbing Toilets in Germany to Owning Multi-Million Property: The Story of Stanley Kago

When a businessman, Stanley Kago, left the country for Germany in 2006, his aim was to save the little he was being paid and invest back home, where he wanted to spend his sunset years.

On arrival to the first world European country, he gave it his all, washing toilets and scrubbing floors to get money that would help him pay his bills and save some.

In fact, for the little he was earning, he had to sweat blood and tears, constantly doing hard chores to make ends meet.

"We work like slaves and getting money is not easy. The system there is created in such a way you are able to work, pay bills and the small amount that remains is what you save. However, many people are unable to save," Kago narrated on a YouTube show Metha ya Kagoni, hosted by former Inooro TV reporter, Monica Kagoni.

The businessman narrated that Kenyans in diaspora had been conned a number of times by their relatives or trusted friends, hence, most have fears investing back home.

"There are horrific stories in diaspora where Kenyans save money for years and send their kin to buy property. However, when they finally come back home, they are met with no investments and this has instilled fear in most of them." 

Nonetheless, after years of saving, Kago decided to take the risk. He entrusted one of his relatives with his savings and fortunately, he was not disappointed.

Two plots were bought in his name and his investment journey began.

"When I was sent the title deeds, I felt so good and that is how my land investing journey began. Land appreciates."

So far, Kago owns a number of lands in different parts of the country including four pieces of land in the lucrative Nanyuki area, two in Malaa, Kangundo road and many others.The property is estimated to be in the millions baring in mind that one piece of land averages Ksh900,000.

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