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Start the following businesses and make millions of money within a year

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If you want to succeed in business and you are looking good ideas to start your own business,this article is for you.Below are some of the business that you can start and make good money out of it.

1.Furniture maker business.

Furniture business is one of the most profitable business that you can start in Kenya and make good money. In any house you can't miss chair,bed and door, therefore if you start this business you will not miss to get customers.

To start profitable furniture business,you need to employ skilled personnel who can make wooden items.Also you need to have at least Kes 100,000 as a capital to start this business.Locate your business near big towns where there is high mobility of goods.This business can make upto Kes 10, 000 profit daily buy selling wooden chairs,beds, doors and many others.

2.Large scale farming.

Farming is the backbone of the Kenyan economy.To start large scale farming in Kenya you need to have at least one piece of acre so that your can do farming.Also you need to have at least Kes 50,000 for purchasing seeds and ploughing the land.Also you need to choose well the crop that you want to grow such as kales,maize, beans and others.

This business can make upto Kes 100,000 per selling seasons.

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