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KDF Reveal A Huge Profit On Meat Sector A Few Months After Handed Over

KMC for 70 years has been making losses and incurring debts overtime. Before take over by KDF, the entity's total liabilities stood at 1B and on average per month KMC would slaughter about 200 livestock.

Three months after being transferred to the KDF, 250M has already been settled and further 150M had been allocated to reduce the debts further. 

Additionally KMC has also increased the number of livestock to be slaughtered per month from 200 to more than 1300. This performance can be attributed to excellent customer service to suppliers receiving payments on time upon delivery. 

Once all debts are settled, KMC will be one of the most profitable government entities in the country and likely to earn the country from exports.

Farmers have already started reaping the benefits of the transfer of Kenya Meat Commission to the Ministry of Defence after the ministry moved to clear all the pending bills that had been weighing it down. 

I personally support takeover of government parasitatal by the military, they deliver owing to the discipline instilled in them, unlike politicians who steal and employ their relatives to rundown the facility.

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