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Profitable Businesses you can Start With 100,000

Have you been thinking about a successful you can start on and make some profit at the end of the month? This article can build your mind and make your dreams come true. By starting a business you can be able to utilize your free time well. You can also get se extra earning. Most people fear to start a business because they are afraid of losing. Sometimes in life its better to fail and learn than fear to fail. Everything in life has its own challenges, you must be ready to deal with any challenge that come your way.

Cosmetics Shop.This shop can really make you good money if its located near a town or salons. All you need is to make sure you install all types of makes that are mostly used by ladies. You can also major on nails, braids,food hair, perfumes and also body lotions. To make sure you make good profit, you need to locate your shop a place where there is a market gap. Make sure you hire a honesty and responsible person because some products are cheap but can lead to a loss if not handled well.

2.Dry Cleaner. All you need in this case is to make sure you purchase the best dry cleaner machine in the market. Some of these cheap machines can lead to loses since they keeping having problems. That machine is meant for business and so its should be able to work for long without a problem. Dry cleaner can make you good money onces you have the machine since you just need to pay power and hire an attendant.

3.Mpesa. Most people Nowadays do alot of transactions using mpesa. If you can be able to locate this Mpesa in a place with a good market gap then you can make good money. All you need is to buy your working Mpesa simcard from safaricom. The cost of the simcard depends with location. Secondly, make sure you invest more money in time because the more money circulating on your Mpesa the more profit you make. In time you can also add other bank agents.


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