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The real reason why most people cannot start their own business

I have met and spoke with thousands of people who wish to start their own businesses.

Virtually all of these people have one or two “reasons” they believe is holding them back.But you know something?Almost all of these people are not telling the truth.

They could complain about capital, economy or government but that’s not the real reason why they are not able to start their own businesses.The truth is, *FEAR* is the only reason why people remain in the jobs they hate.

They are afraid, “What if I start this small business and it failed?”“What happens to my family if my business fails?”“What would I do if I lost all my money?” etc.

FEAR is what keeps people captive.Unfortunately, most of these people are not telling themselves the truth.They lie to themselves to make themselves happy.You cannot go far in life until you tell yourself the truth.

You cannot go far in life until you face your fear.If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must assume the nature of soldiers.Warriors go to the battles, though they are afraid of death.

They see it as their responsibility to face death.“If I perish, I perish” is what Biblical Esther said.Until you can say the same to yourself, you will do nothing significant with your life

More than a decade ago when I was preparing to go fully into the business world, I knew it was never going to be easy.I had no one to give me money and my family members never wanted me to go into the business world.

They wanted me to get a good job with my good grades and they were afraid that I may not make it in business.Having no one to support me financially, I should have made excuses.

I should have told myself, “I have no one to give me capital so I cannot start a business”But I told myself something different.I said to myself, “I will rather DIE than to work for another man all my life!”

It was not a joke.If you have read my story you will know that I was actually willing to DIE or build a business.Well, it’s all about our philosophy.

Until you change your philosophy, you cannot change your life.While growing up, my philosophy was “Life is short and it has to be lived the way I love it”

I believe it would be better for me to die at 20, than to live till 70 working 8hrs every day on jobs I hate.

I believed (and still believe) that entrepreneurship is the only thing that can make me happy and I was willing to DIE if I cannot own a business.

My fear disappeared because my heart knew that I had no other way.Check your heart and you will see fear there.That fear has to be pushed out

How?Action is the only thing that chases fearYou cannot be courageous by talking more.

You cannot be courageous by giving more excuses.You cannot be courageous by complaining about what government does and doesn’t.You can only be courageous by facing your fear with actions.Fear is what keeps people in slavery.

Heroes cannot be enslaved.Overcome your fear and fight for your freedomGet yourself to the level of desperation and your brain will work 10x smarter.

If you get to a point of desperation, your brain will find every other solutions to your financial problems.People who make excuses are limiting their brain-power.

They are telling their brain “Don’t work too hard. You cannot get a solution to this problem because the government is the one to solve it”Well, the government never solved any meaningful problems, except with its mouth.

I wish to see a new generation of Africans who are CRAZY enough to break barriers and achieve success with their lives.I wish to see a new generation of Africans who don’t make excuses

I wish to see a new generation of Africans who are willing to FIGHT hard and achieve great success, even with bad governments.My heart bleeds for Africans.I Love Africa.

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