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Top 5 Richest Farmers In The World

Farming is one of the earliest economic activities that human beings have been practising . most of the farmers in the world especially in Africa practice farming just to provide food for their households. Did you that there are very rich farmers in the world ?. The following is a list of the richest farmers in the world.

Harry Stine Harry Stine is the owner of Stine Seed Company and Oilseeds Distribution inc. Which are one of the largest seed companies in the world. Stine started his seed company on fathers farm in Iowa , united States of America. Harry Stine has a net worth of $4.5 billion dollars.

Blairo maggi Blairo Maggi is a Brazilian politician and one of the richest farmers in the world. Maggi owns 16% of the Andre Maggi Company which is one of the largest soybeans producer in the world. Blairo Maggi has a net worth of $4.6 billion dollars.

Stewart and Linda Stewart and Linda are one of the richest farmers in United States of America and in the world. Wonderful company which is owned by Lynda and Stewart produces pistachio s , oranges and POM's . Lynda and Stewart are worth $5 billion dollars.

Liu Yonghao Lui Yonghao is the owner of New Hope Group which one of the largest agricultural companies in the world. New hope is the largest producer of animals feeds and seeds in China. Liu Yonghao has a net worth of $ 5.5 billion dollars.

Liu Yong xing Liu YongXing is the owner of East hope group which one of the largest producers of animal feeds in the world . Liu started his company with a small chicken farm and today he is worth 6.5 billion dollars which make him the richest farmer in the world.

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