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Why Western Region Farmers In Kenya Are Not Able To Do Large Scale Farming.

Most of kenyans are unable to meet their daily need because of increased prices of food commodities. The price of maize flour which was easily affordable has become a hard thing for Kenyans to afford, the cost of bread has equally gone up.

When most of Kenyans particularly in western Kenya are asked of what is their way forward basing on the fact that they are farmers, they have also totally given up, they say this is planting season and yet the price of fertilizer is too high.

They have decided to plant small portions which will help them to feed their families but not for commercial purposes. Western region has beem one of the major zones that produces agricultural products to the Kenyan market for consumption, but now there is an imbalance of farm input and output.

Farmers are no longer interested in marketing their farm produce because the selling price compared to their farm input is totally a loss. Now when farmers no longer generate alot for the country, prices of items start going up and will never come down even when their is plenty of farm produce. And that is what is facing the country at the moment.

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