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Forget About Greenhouse, Use These Cheap Techniques To improve your Crop Production.

There are some three principles of sufficiency farming that serves as a guideline for anyone who would wish to carry out crop production.

These principles focuses on providing us with safety vegetables to eat everyday, without wasting expenses and help to reduce household expenses. The following are the three basic principles:

1. Each member of the family must grow and take care of those vegetables themselves. This allows for production of enough vegetables to serve the family.

2. Every family must have a suitable sufficiency kitchen garden style. This should be a garden with adequate space to allow plantation of vegetables alongside other crops.

3. Where there is no land to grow vegetables, vegetables can be planted in unused containers such as pipes, baskets, cans, broken buckets, wooden creates among many others.

These three basic principles are there to help us overcome the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of greenhouses. Generally, greenhouse plantation is expensive and many local families may not afford them.

Below are some of the examples of sufficiency kitchen garden styles that you can employ.

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