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Business That You Can Start Next To A Police Station.

When starting a business, it is advisable to consider your location. This is because you can not start a business where you are not sure of customers. Most people tend to start businesses whilst considering their surrounding areas. For example, if you are in a village, you can not start a supermarket because you will not have enough customers for all your goods.Photo courtesy.

Below are some businesses that you can start next to a police station.

1. Cyber cafe.

Starting a cyber cafe next to a police station is a good idea. This is because many people will come to photocopy and print documents. You can provide internet and printing services. You will need about Ksh 50,000 to start a simple cyber cafe business in Kenya.

2. Mpesa.

Since the launch of the Mpesa service by Safaricom, a lot of Kenyans have become wealthy. If you want a business that is suitable next to a police station this might be the best. This is because many people need money in a police station. Since Mpesa is the most popular mobile money transfer in Kenya, you are sure to get tons of customers next to a police station.

3. Eatery.

In Kenya, there are a lot of people who need food. If you walk into most police stations, you will realize that they do not have an eatery. If you have enough funds, you can invest some money. A food joint next to a police station is a good idea as you will never miss clients.

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