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"China Centre Must Be Opened" Ndegwa Njiru Mocks Local Traders For Over Pricing and Deception

Hello and welcome back to my channel. Today, prominent advocate of the high Court that is Ndengwa Njiru has revealed why China Square should be opened.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Ndengwa Njiru claimed that Gikomba, Nyamakima and Kamukunji market were full of experts in counterfeit.

Ndengwa further stated that the traders at the local markets (Gikomba, Nyamakima and Kamukunji) had perfected the art of deciept and over pricing their goods and services. According to him, the government should protect the consumers from exploitation.

"GIKOMBA,KAMUKUNJI and NYAMAKIMA where @KIMANIICHUNGWAH owns a stall is a den of thieves,tax evaders, experts in counterfeit,and the traders have perfected the art of deciept and over pricing.Our consumers' right deserves protection. China Centre must be opened UNCONDITIONALLY." Ndengwa Njiru wrote.

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