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Good Amount Of Money You Can Generate From Fish Farming

Fish Farming is one of agricultural activities that most farmers avoid because it needs a committed person who will look after the project frequently. Despite this fact this project is a very lucrative business project that can bring to someone a lot of income.

To Start this business you need roughly 100,000 shillings in order to accomplish this project. You will use this amount to rent a small piece of land if you don't have a land, prepare a fish pond, buy fingerlings among other items that you may need for your project to be successful.

You should have at least 1 hectares for you to initiate this project. You will need land where you will construct a fish pond, a fish pond should be at least 20m by 20m. This will give you enough space to rear as many fingerlings as possible. If you like you can extend it to 30m by 30m that is if you have a big piece of land.

With enough funds you can construct two to three fish ponds since this will increase the number of fingerlings you will raise. This will thereafter influence the profit you will make at the end of the day.

Fingerlings take roughly 6 - 8 months to mature and the best fingerlings type is either tilapia or Nile perch since they are expensive when they are mature.

After 6 months you will start harvesting your fish that is if you provide for them enough and quality food within that period of time. For the 6 months you can spend roughly 40,000 shillings on buying feeds for your fish.

At the end of 6 months you can make a profit of roughly 60,000 shillings to 100,000 shillings . You can also sell fingerlings to other farmers since this can also make for you a good income as you wait for your fingerlings to mature. Fingerling cost between 10 shillings to 20 shillings depending with the type of fish.

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