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Bad News to Kenyan YouTubers After This Announcement

An announcement by Google issued via email on Tuesday has left YouTube creators from Kenya and other regions a little bit poorer. YouTube which is owned by Google has been a way for content creators to earn some extra coin for the past 15 years. Once your channel is monetized, you begin to earn through the YouTube revenue system.

In the email, Google said it was now required to deduct taxes for the United States government from all channels. It went ahead to notify creators who live outside of the United States of a change to Youtube payments.

Creators are now required to submit their tax information in Adsense to determine the correct amount of taxes to deduct. AdSense is the program through which a creator is paid according to the number of ad views on one's videos.

This change only applies to the monthly earnings which come from viewers within the United States. If your country has a tax treaty with the US, then the final tax deduction will be 15% of your earnings. Otherwise, if your country is not eligible for a tax treaty with the US, the final tax deduction will be 30% of your earnings.

If a creator does not submit the tax information by May 31, 2021, they would lose 24% of their total hard earned income from viewers all over the world to tax deductions.

This is a major blow to the creators as much time is put into creating an engaging video. Some of the well-known Kenyan creators who will be impacted after this announcement include Cartoon Comedian, Flaqo Raz, the Wajesus Family, Wabosha Maxine just to name a few.

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