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Turkana Oil Massive Drilling is Still a Dream

In 2019 Kenya exported about 200 000 of the Turkana Oil through the port of Mombasa to Malaysia which earned the country a total of 1.2 billion after being proved to be of high quality due to the low amount of sulfur in it, this gave Kenya hope of starting earning profits from the oil in the near future.

Massive drilling of the Turkana oil is still a dream for Tullow which is the leading company in the oil exploration has come out and said that 80% of the 2.85 billion barrels of oil in Turkana is inaccessible for a high technology is needed for it to be tapped which Tullow currently lacks.

If massive oil drilling is achieved in Turkana in the near future for it is currently impossible due to shortage of funds, it will see Kenya earn billions of shillings for the higher you export the higher you earn.

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