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Top 10 Craziest Buildings In The World

With increase of technology and creativity, human beings have intended to use their knowledge to come up with unbelievable things. Here are the top ten craziest buildings in the world.

1. Longaberger Basket building

This is a mysterious seven-storey building in Newark, Ohio in USA. It was once a headquarters of Longaberger company known for their trademark handcrafted maple wood basket. This one of the craziest buildings in the world resembling a basket. The two handles you see above the building are copper replicas and wooden rivers which weigh each 75 tonnes.

2. Druzhba Holiday Centre

This building is located in touristic Town of Yalta on the Black Sea in Republic of Ukraine. It is a cylindrical building which serves as a resort. It was built in 1984 with earthquake resistance construction. The shocking details of it is that the whole building is supported by giant cement legs, a series of staircases and elevators.

3. Ren building

This is an hotel, leisure and a conference centre in Shanghai. They are two buildings in one. One part emerges from the water while the other from the land. The two buildings meet in a room 1000 which is an hotel room.

4. Zayed National Museum

This is a museum located at Abu Dhabai of United Arab Emirates. It is an amazing by its design which resembles the late Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father and first president of UAE.

The tower is shaped like a falcon wing to commemorate Zayed's love of Falconry.

5. Dubai Frame Building

This building is located in Dubai. It is termed as the biggest picture frame of the planet. It is built with glass, steel, aluminium and reinforced concrete.

6. Cybertecture Egg building

This building is built in India. It is an egg shaped building. It is amazing since its ideology personifies the world in terms of planet bring vessel which is self-sustaining comprising of an ecosystem permitting life existence.

7. Tree House

This building is an hotel built on trees. It is located in Harads in Sweden. The rooms are suspended 4-6 metres above the ground. This hanging of the building gives people an inspiration of being in a birds nest.

8. Rock Villa Building

This is a building in China built by a resident. It is a 26 storey building apartment block. Wonderfully, the building has a rock on top.

9. Explanade Building

This building is an art performing centre. It is located in the Down town core in Singapore. This building can accommodate more than 3500 people.

10. Habitat 67

This building is in Canada. It was designed by Moshe Safdie. It is one of the most recognizable building in Montreal and Canada.

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Druzhba Longaberger Newark Ohio USA


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