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Here is an Easy Way to Earn During the Covid Pandemic Period

They say if you're not infected then definitely you are affected. Covid-19 ain't an exception. It's effects have been devastating. Businesses have collapsed, lives claimed, jobs lost, etc. People have been left with no option but to find other ways of survival.

So, what are some of the ways one can earn amidst the challenges poses by the pandemic?

1. Online writing.

Online writing, also called freelancing, has proved to be a safe haven and refuge for many. Today, one can acquire training on transcription, article, or academic writing, and start earning. Most of these platforms are still operational despite the effects of covid. So, if you have basic grammar skills, and a zeal to write, perhaps this may be take away for you.


2. Outdoor vending.

Versatility is a trait that should be the lifestyle of every person. One can opt to venture into vending business of products like groceries, snacks, cereals. Name them. The secret is starting it small. Build on the business bit by bit. The profits may be smaller but keeps growing as days progresses. Don't go buying a truck of watermelons, while all you can afford is 5 melons. Start with the five, subdivide them and sell pieces. Profits obtained can be used to expand the business. Make baby steps before you start running.

3. Content creation.

Due to lockdown in most of the countries, people have had to turn their social nature to online platforms. Acquired skills, abilities, and talents can be turned into money. Dollars to be precise. For instance, your experience in start up business, how to play an instrument, your cooking skills, academic work, etc. All these can be filmed and posted on Youtube and other social platforms. With good content, be assured of followers and views. The content optimised to run ads from google or interested parties, thus bringing the dollars towards you. Interesting. Right? Being paid to have fun.

Covid-19 may have hit you so hard. But you need to act immediately. Don't allow yourself to be an example of the negative repercussions of this deadly disease, rather be light to many that it's possible. Actually start yesterday.

Kindly share your thoughts, criticism, thumbs up, and suggestions.

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