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How Long Does it Take to get Your Money Back After Buying a Motorbike to Operate Bodaboda Business

Badaboda Business is now paying so well, so many people have already invested in this business while others are still afraid to venture in this business. A new motorbike for operating bodaboda goes at a cost of about 100,000.This means if you want to start this business you need 100,000.There still other firms that gives out the motorbike and then you keep paying a certain amount of money each month. Buying a motorbikes on loan is quite expensive compared to saving your money and buying it without loans.In a single day a bodaboda can make up to Ksh 1000 mostly on weekends. Days are not the same because there is a day you can even make 1500 while other days you make around 700.This indicates that in a single day you can manage to save around 400 while still catering for your own needs and also mentaining the motorbike. This mean that in one month you can manage to save about 12,000.In just ten months you will have able to get back your investments and made a profit of 20,000.

The same case can happen if you give the motorbike to someone else who will be operatoring the badaboda. In a single day, he will be required to deposit 400 in your account. This is after he fuel the motorbike and made his own profit. If you operate a bodaboda business well without destruction you can be able to buy another extra motorbike in less than one year.

The most important thing is to make sure you give the motorbike to a responsible person who will be ready to mentain it so well. Someone who will be ready to deposit your share in your account without any delay or excuse. With this knowledge just think about it and don't waste more time, just buy your own motorbike and start your making your own money. Don't fear to start because in each business you end up learning.Follow this account for more amazing business ideas. Please share

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