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Bars, Restaurants And Hotels Should Be Opened In Locked Counties Under These Conditions(opinion)

Seventeen days have passed since the government imposed lockdown in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kajiado, Machakos and Kiambu counties due to rapid spread of Corona virus in Kenya.The was actually good since it aimed at flattening the corona virus curve in the country.

However,many Kenyans have found it difficult to survive for the past two weeks due to lack of income since many people lost their jobs in the above listed counties.Bars, restaurants,cafes and hotel owners who actually fully depend on their businesses for survival are now finding it rough due to closure.

My opinion as a concerned and patriotic citizen of Kenya is that since we cannot manage to do away with the corona virus pandemic at once,the government should consider these people by opening bars, restaurants,cafes and hotels under this strict terms and conditions.

Curfew should be thoroughly maintained and adhered to as usual.Take away selling mode should be strictly employed to avoid overcrowding in bars, restaurants and hotels.Other common covid-19 measures such as wearing of masks, regular hand washing, sanitizing and keeping social distance should be keenly adhered to for safety of every Kenyan.

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