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Monday Blow To Kenyans on Another New Looming Fuel Prices & Other Essential Commodities

Covid-19 pandemic has made life become so much unbearable to many families that do struggle to put food on the table.The cost of living in the recent past has risen to an extent that some Kenyans cannot afford the crucial commodities in their lives.The job losses have further complicated the lives of many people.Recently,it was revealed that 740,000 Kenyans have so far lost their jobs since the pandemic began in the country.

A few days ago,the government increased the cost of fuel in the country.This led to public uproar with Kenyans along the Busia boarder being reported to have been crossing to Uganda for the essential commodity.The members of parliament have been trying the much they can to see this product become affordable but nothing has so far gone through.

Today, Kenyans have again got shocked on learning that the prices of other key commodities are set to rise including the fuel.The Government is planning to raise the cost of a litre of petrol by Ksh 1.09 while diesel and kerosene will be increased by Ksh 0.566 per litre.This is a looming blow to Kenyans at this time when life has become tough due to Covid-19 pandemic.The Star has established so.

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