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Leave Alone Friesian Cow, Here Is The Dairy Breed That Can Produce Upto 60 Litres Of Milk Per Day

Milk is a very essential commodity that is obtained from dairy animals apart from meat and hides. This is because milk can be consumed right at home or taken to industry for processing to obtain products such as yoghurt, cheese, cream and butter.

Over the ages, Friesian breed has been the top leading milk producer among the dairy breeds such as Arysire, Guensey, and Jersey. However through persistent research and crossbreeding a number of breeds, a new dairy breed that is more productive than Friesian Cow was developed.

The breed is known as Holstein Friesian Breed. This breed has an improved longevity and therefore greater lifetime production, better fertility, fewer health treatments and higher calf and cull values. It also has a higher lactation rate avaraging to 33% as compared to the Friesian breed which avarages to 27% only.

They easily show up heat signs and also conceives faster through artificial insemination. This helps in the faster multiplicity of the number of herds in the farm.

Their prominent advantage over all dairy animals is their ability to produce high amount of milk in a single day. This breed is capable of producing upto 60 litres of milk in a single day when managed properly. They mostly survive in a cool and wet environment. This means that they can do well in areas of Kiambu, Nairobi, Makueni, Kirinyaga and Nakuru.

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