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Amount You need To Start A Car Rent Business

Car hiring is one of the most expensive business to start and is among the most Lucrative Business projects in Kenya today.

People hire car for different reasons and the reason depends with the individual who comes at your car hub to hire a vehicle.

The amount of renting out cars depends with, one the type of the car that your client one to hire. Two the number of days he is going to spend with your car at the place she is going.

Amount of renting car to a customer roughly cost 10,000 shillings for two days and this is the cheapest to Even 50,000 shillings.

To Start this business you need to have a valid business permit which you will be paying for as indicated at the business permit. It cost roughly 5,000 to 10,000 shillings to get a business permit for such business.

If you want to start this business with let say 5 cars premio model then you should have not less than 7 million Kenya shillings. This amount will help you buy such 5, getting business permit and branding your business place.

Ensure you rent out you cars to a person who has a valid driving license, valid national Id and other requirements as per your company rules and regulations.

This will help you reduce the cases of people renting your cars and running away with them since this can bring to your company a big lose.

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