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How Maize Flour Prices For Different Brands Look Like After Dropping


Government can decide to protect producers in case of surplus production, when prices tend to fall resulting in farmers making losses, protect the consumers in times of shortage or when prices become too high for majority of consumers to afford. In Kenya before the market liberalisation policy of 1994, the government set farm gate prices and consumers prices for all basic agricultural commodities like maize, sugarcane and milk.

Consumers are enjoying a reprieve with the price of Maize price of Maize flour dropping below Shs 100 for a two kilo package on retrail shelves. Jogoo brand is now retailing at Shs 99 down from Shs 109, Soko is selling at Shs 96 down from 104 with Mama fetching Shs 96.

According to the report shared by the Ministry of Agriculture, the lower prices are as a result of falling maize cost, accounting for 80 per cent of the total charges involved in flour milling.

A 90 kg bag of maize is now going for Shs 2600 from a high of Shs 2900 last month as supply of commodity in the market improves following the onset of harvesting of short rain crop in South Rift.

The Ministry of Agriculture is projecting a surplus of 12 million bags of Maize at the end of this month. It attributes the surplus to cross border imports and the balance arising from the long rain crop harvested from the previous season.

Prices for different brands

1. Jogoo:Shs 99

2. Soko:Shs 96

3. Mama:Shs 96

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