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Relief To Kenyans As The Following Commodities Are Set To Go Down In Price By The End Of February

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The government has been experiencing an increase in the prices of household items since the start of Ruto’s reign. The main reason alleged for the increase in the price of commodities is the prevailing drought in some parts of the country.

The Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Agriculture has proposed the country to import the following commodity to help lower its prices by the end of February this year.

Maize flour

The Cabinet Secretary for the ministry of agriculture has promised a decrease in the price of flour. In November 2022, the price of flour increased by 30 shillings making most individuals unable to access it.

A 2kg packet of flour retails from 180 to 230 based on the brand. Linthuri has promised citizens a fall in the price of unga by the end of February this year.


The price of rice is also set to go down by the end of February. A one kg rice packet retails between a hundred and two hundred shillings based on the brand.

‘The mitigation measures that we have in the short term, as we plan to grow more food in another six months or so, is to bring maize to get unga. And I want to commit, by the end of February, the cost of unga and rice will have come down,’ the cabinet secretary stated.source:

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