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Unga Prices To Rise Due To Failure To Import Maize From Uganda

Today the National Cereals And Producing Body has announced that the prices of maize flour will go up in the near future,the body has said that it has run out of maize hence leading to a reduced Unga production.

The NCPB has said that the decline has been caused by failure to Import the maize from the neighbouring country,Kenya did Import Maize last year from Uganda making it unable to produce enough maize flour this year.

The Maize that were produced by the local farmers did not meet the amount of Unga that was to be produced.

Unga is used to cook Ugali which is the staple food to the majority of Kenyan Citizens,the rise in its prices is a big blow to the middle class families as they normally eat Ugali as their main meal.

The increase in Unga price has come amidst the bread's price increase,breads are now going at 55ksh,this two commodities play a big role in Kenyans eating menus.

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