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High Relief To Kenyans On Hiked Prices Of Commodities As KRA Made This Announcement Today

It has seemed to be a great relief to many kenyans who are currently facing it rough as a result of higher prices of commodities like maize flour, cooking oil and detergents. This is because, the body that is responsible for collection of tax across the boarders of this nation has today released a statement that it has managed to collect the largest amount of money in history ever since it was founded.

According to the statement that was released today by the taxman, the authority collected Ksh2.031 trillion for the 2021/2022 Financial Year compared to Ksh 1.669 trillion collected last year. 

KRA offices in Nairobi.

"The positive revenue growth rate mirrors the improved tax compliance from patriotic taxpayers who contributed to the collection of revenue surplus of Ksh148.9 billion against the original target, which is the highest surplus ever in KRA’s history. The statement read.

This has created alot of hope among Kenyans who have now believed that the higher revenue collection will be mirrored towards reduction of the prices of several commodities in the markets.

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