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Forget About Cows And Start A More Profitable Agribusiness Of Rearing Goats (Photos).

Many people in Kenya always keep different farm animals, cows being the majority. People always believe that cows are the most appropriate animals to rear in their farms. This is not always true because rearing cows has many disadvantages. Below are some of the limitations of keeping cows.

1. Cows consumes large amount of food and water.

2. Most of the cattle breeds are very susceptible to tropical diseases.

3. Cows require large tracts of land for grazing.

4. They produce alot of methane gas that leads to severe depletion of stratospheric ozone because it is a greenhouse gas.

This article reviews the benefits of rearing goats in both large scale and small scale units. Goats are belongs to the mammal family known as artiodactyl, they are even-toed animals. Goats are very economical to keep and a goat farmer can realize huge profits within a short duration. There are three categories of goats that a farmer can keep in his or her farm. These include; dual purpose goats, dairy goats and meat goats. Some of the best meat breed goats in Kenya are the Galla goats and the small Maasai goats. Galla goats are very resistant to high thermal radiation due to their white colour. The following are some of the key points that makes goat farming more profitable to both large scale and a small scale farmer..

1. Goats utilizes a small piece of land. For example, a space occupied by one cow can be occupied by two goats.

2. Goats require less food and water.

3. They are both grazers and browsers. This means that they can feed on both grass and twigs of trees.

4. The milk of a goat has a high market value compared to that of a cow. A goat's milk costs about 120 Kenyan shillings per litre while that of a cow goes at 50 shillings in the Kenyan markets. This means that a farmer who keeps many dairy goats will earn more profits.

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