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10 Ways To Make Money During This Pandemic Period.

The emergency of Covid-19 virus led to alot of changes in people's lives.Jobs were lost and others suspended till further notice.The economy of the world was vigorously shaken by this deadly disease.Lockdowns and curfews were put in place to curb the spread of this virus.But one thing that stood unshaken was that we needed to eat and pay our bills.Thats why am going to take you through some ways to generate money during this pandemic period.

1.Food transportation and selling.Despite the pandemic people have to do what they can to put a meal on their tables.Since some counties are locked down, then there is no freedom of moving to other places.Take this as an opportunity because food transporters are allowed in and out of the locked down counties.All you need is a truck and you can even hire.Make trips direct to the farmers and buy foodstuffs from them.Its quite cheap and on reaching to the consumer,sell at a profit and you will not believe how much you've made. 2.Freelance writing.This is the best to those stuck at home.Provided you have a laptop and a stable internet connection you are ready to go.There are many online platforms that are ready to give you assignments in form of articles or academic writing.Do this and you can earn up to Ksh 500 per article.3.Online Shopping companies agent.Become an agent of companies like Jumia,Killimall and others.Make orders on behalf of your clients and get paid the commission by the company.The many orders you make the higher the commission.4.Door to door services.You can decide to collect garbage in houses and disposing them on their behalf on a fee.If you are a trader,you can go selling your products from door to door and this will help you reach as many people as possible.5.Online selling.If your business was affected by the pandemic,you can start advertising you products online and get new clients.You can also inform your other clients that you moved to online selling.By doing this, customers will start ordering your products and you can agree how to do the delivery.6.Online teaching.If you are a teacher,you should start making notes on the syllabus in soft copies then you can sell to parents.You can also prepare video clips of you teaching maybe a whole syllabus and parents will buy for their kids.7.Become a blogger.If you have a laptop or a phone with a stable internet connection,then this is for you.There are many sites where you post photos and write articles and get paid.A good example is Opera News Hub where you write articles and get paid handsomely.8.Start farming.If your job was lost or suspended due to this pandemic,then you must have moved up coutry in order to minimize expenses like rent and others.You can start farming.Farming has made millionaires and you can decide to start crop or livestock farming.Whichever you are fit with.9.Fast food selling.You can start selling vegetables and fruits or snacks like cakes and you can do this door to door.You can also go fo coffee selling.This is best when there is cold and the area is congested like in markets and bus stations.10.Delivery agent.Many people may be willing to go shopping but due to some factors they will be willing to send someone.You atleast need a motorbike and the society need to be aware you are a delivery agent.This job needs a 100% trustworthy person and after earning this,many people will be using you to do deliveries for them or go shopping on their behalf.That is all for today,don't forget to like, leave a comment and share.Thank you.

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