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'I Lost 5 Million To My Brothers Friend' A Story Of A Business Deal Gone Sour

Our country has turned into a conning state. Many citizens are getting conned each and every day money that they have earned from there hard work. Unfortunately our authorities are also part of it.

This is a story done by top online journalist Lynn Ngugi, of Alice Kathome who was conned up to sh 5 Million shillings. Alice is a business woman who got herself in the bad side of business. Her brother introduced her to his friend who introduced himself as a business man in Busia. He does business in the maize supplying sector.

The guy introduced Alice to a tender that was being given by a company. The company was owned by a group of men. Alice, being a business woman, accepted and went to apply for the tender. She won the tender and she was to bring 3,200 bags of maize to the company. She went to the bank and took an overdraft of Sh 5 Million.

She went and got Maize from the border at a cheaper price and brought the maize to Nairobi. When she supplied half of the tender, the company went behind her back and took the bags of maize from the storage. They were given access after convincing the storage managers that they were partners. They took the maize and they disappeared. Alice came and found her bags of maize had been stolen.

She went to Dandora Police Station to report the case. The police investigation the case and they were able to arrest the men behind the company and who stole the bags of maize. Unfortunately, the men paid the police and they didn't even sleep at the station. Alice didn't have any other option but to accept that she has lost Sh 5 Million just like that.

Will she ever get justice? To watch the story, click the link:

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Alice Kathome Lynn Ngugi


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