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What Rumuruti Notorious Harders Told Maize Farmers That Angered and Forced Them to Demonstrate

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A group of farmers today took it to the streets of Rumuruti trading centre to complain and appeal to the local government to step in and end a proping up conflict between them and illegal harders.

Speaking to the press, angry farmers revealed what the notorious illegal harders have promised to do their crops once they mature.

From the revelation, farmers were forced to head to the streets when harders told them that they will forcefully feed the crops to their animals at maturity. "Walituambia mahindi yetu yakikomaa ni yao na watayakata na kulisha mifugo wao," one farmer exclaimed.

The farmers also complained that the harders hacked two farmers who confronted them by questioning why they were feeding their animals in his maize plantation. Harders gave no explanation but hacked the man down, he luckily survived but sustained serious injuries.

A similar farmers versus herders conflict caused unrest at Ol Moran Kirima Constituency which is just few kilometers away from Rumuruti.

Farmers have called on government agencies to move with speed and solve the issue before it grows out of hand. The conflict has been going on for the past two weeks and still, harders have shown no sign of stopping confrontations. They have hacked atleast two farmers. The government is yet to speak on the matter.

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