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Sad news to all 'fuliza` Mpesa users as Safaricom makes this announcement

It is now three years since the introduction of fuliza by safaricom.Fuliza provided a massive upgrade financially to many kenyans.

Kenyans transact more than one bilion daily according to safaricom.It has gained popularity and almost every mpesa user has registered fuliza.

However safaricom announced unfriendly news earlier today to all fuliza users. Upon defaulting your loan your access to mshwari and KCB mpesa will be blocked.

According to an update on terms and conditions safaricom will be eligible to hold the users funds on the two accounts.This will be for security purposes.Incase one is not able to settle their debt the Money will be used to settle it.

The new terms will also introduce a 1.083 per cent interest rate on Fuliza, whereas previously, the service charged a facility fee of the proportional amount.

This is only the first update safaricom is making concerning fuliza since it's invention in 2019.The terms are set to reduce defaulting and throwing away of lines by users who can't settle debts.

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