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Revealed: What A Young Graduate Does To Earn Ksh.8000 Daily

For entrepreneurs in Kenya, the agricultural sector offers some of the best potential returns. It has helped a lot of people in Kenya.

Gordon Chui, a graduate of Chuka University who studied agribusiness, has said that the money he makes from his dairy cows company has completely transformed his life. In an interview with, Chui stated that he only had 10 dairy cows, each of which yields between 155 and 175 liters of milk everyday.

"I got up to 257 liters at my highest yield of 10 cows. Since three of my cows are currently dry, my daily output is between 155 and 175 liters "This is what the source claims Chui remarked.

To continue, Chui stated that he typically sells his milk twice daily. As much as 120–140 liters goes out the door in the morning, whereas just 40–65 liters leaves in the evening.

"During the morning rush hour, I am able to offload 120-140 liters of milk onto Brookside at a price of KSh 54 per liter. Each evening, I bring between 40 and 65 liters to Mt. Kenya or Meru Central, where I sell them for KSh 50 "Disclosure: he made it possible to see.

This indicates that Chui earns somewhere in the range of KSh 6,480 to KSh 7,560 each morning. He makes somewhere between KSh 2,000 and KSh 3,250 after dark. Therefore, Chui earns more than KSh 8,000 every day.

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