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Unique Bridge In Bungoma

These bridge it is in tongaren sub county in a village called sokomoko it helps peoples to migrate from rural area to ubern centers.Many people who leaves nearest to the bridge have been complain that many people have died because of these bridge.When that area experience heavy Rainfall water it overflow out of the bridge these makes the people who wants to cross to wait until water to cool down.

Farmers has been complain that are getting loss from there products because of these bridge which make them to have had time to transport there products in the market and industry .These makes the farmers to loose hope in there work of farming.Farmers are trying there best to get that problem of transport to be solved.

Government of kenya they sepose to help the people who leaves close to the bridge to get a new bridge which will make them to transport there products easly with out any confusion and these will make the farmers to produce many products as possible and that area can grow in to a big city.

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