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How a Man Turned Slaughtered Chicken Feet Into One Profitable Business

Nurman farieka Ramdhany from indonesia uses chicken feet to make leather shoes, he got the idea from his father.

He wanted to create alternative to reptile skins, Asia-pacific region is the dominant sector in the global poultry market.

The leftovers came from dim sum and food business.

He choose to make leather out of chicken feet because they are waste from fast food restaurants in indonesia and its lot of waste.They process it and make more value from it.

Then to change from existing materials for exotic leather such as snake and crocodile whose population was threatened in the wild and in terms of texture.It is similar and that is why they changed the base material from exotic leather to chicken feet leather.

How he makes

They make it by hands, they dye the skins and sew and hammer the pieces together.

The process takes 10 days and uses upt 45 chicken feet depending on style.

The profitable part of it

Each shoe costs from $35 up to $140 a pair, which pushes them into the realm of luxury item.

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