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Meet a Kenyan Who Sells Recycled Spare Parts in Carifonia

When you travel abroad, there is only one secret that is working hard. You must also train yourself to save time. Also you should use your time productively.

He went abroad to visit her sister but later decided to remain there. There were many job opportunities and he got one in a parking center. Luckily he met a certain friend who introduced him in selling car spare parts.

" We started buying the used spare parts and then we recycle them and then we resell them. To be on safer side we used to buy the used spare parts from companies that were manufacturing cars. In this way the products are geniune."He adds.

Fortunately from late 90's untill now that is what Mucheru does for a living in Carifonia.

Challenges facing the business


Some people never believe in you and in what you do.

At times people sell stolen spares parts which is very risky.


High cost of spare parts from sellers. It makes it difficult to buy.

If you are not patient and persistence then you can't make in this business. At times some sellers may assume you or even undermine you. Others opt not to sell their products.

Business is about having hope and been able to connect with people. Also have a good heart.

At times you may lack customers.

It require alot of effort and man power.

Advantages of the business.

It's profitable.

Require little capital to start. At the end of the day you when you make your profit you can add to your starting capital.

Have friends who can add value to your life.

Have friends who believe in you and also believe in yourself.

Mucheru is also a one man guitarist. He plays and teaches young people how to play it.

He now owns a company.

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