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Social Media On Fire After A Commodity Tag From A Certain Supermarket Goes Wrong

A leaked commodity tag from an unidentified supermarket has taken social media by storm after it went wild. The tag was shared on Facebook by one of the users leaving Kenyans cracking ribs.

According to the post, the supermarket attached a tag next to tissues and other home cleaning products. However, the tag did not exactly depict some of the commodities on the shelves. It seems whoever designed the tag made a spelling error leading to miscommunication. As stated by a segment of Kenyans, the tag should read, "Tissue And Wet Wipes."

Many Kenyans who bumped into the post were left wondering what could have went wrong at the supermarket. Others inquired the exact place where the Supermarket is situated.

A Kenyan speculated that it was a tag from one of the major supermarkets, "Naivas." More details are yet to be established on the specific supermarket the tag was obtained from. Below are the reactions from Kenyans.

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