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Relief for Kenyans as Safaricom reviews pay bill fees

In plan to reprieve Kenyans to hard economic hard times, Safaricom reviews its pay bill fees. Customers who used to pay from sh 100 to sh 500 were charged sh23 in paybill charges will now pay sh 4. Those who will pay sh 100 and below will be zero-rated. Changes in the new monthly transactions is between customers and business, despite the increased demand for the mobile money services.

Charges on payments between sh 500 and sh 1000 will now be changed from sh 23 to sh 9, payments from sh 50000 to sh 150000 will be charged sh 105 from sh 210. For the business sending to customers the new charges are us follows sh 100 – sh 1500 cost will be sh 5 from sh 15. Payments between sh 20000 to sh 150000 will be charged sh 12 from sh 32.4.

In the new review of mpesa charges business to mpesa charges is reduced to around 40% and for pay bill charges is reduced by 47%. Many businesses had ditched the buy goods and lipa mpesa since the above payment options had a major impact on their incomes.

The company also revised new charges for transactions between bank and mpesa. Mpesa to bank charges have been reduced by around 45% while bank to mpesa has been reduced by 60%. The Central Bank of Kenya had announced about two weeks ago on new charges between mobile money services to bank transactions after prior negotiations.

On March 2020, the CBK revised the charges as a way to facilitate the use of mobile money as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The reduced charges will also apply for the use of utilities such as electricity bill, government payment hospital bills and School fees. This is a plan to improve efficiency and affordability.

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