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Profitable businesses that will earn you over 2,000 Kes profits per day

1. Beef butchery business: it involves the sale of beef to the customers. Beef is the most consumed animal protein as it is readily and cheaply available. Butchery businesses should be established along busy streets in towns so as to fetch higher returns from the high population. Beef butchery business earns profits of over five thousand shillings daily when strategically located in highly populated areas.

2. Motorcycle spare parts shop: one can ascertain that the number of motorcycles is growing rapidly each and every day. This business involves selling of spares and engine fluids to motorcycle owners. The high number of motorcycles provide a ready market for the business thus guaranteed after sales profits. A busy spare parts shop generates revenue of about three thousand shillings daily when operating in towns around taxi stages.

3. Boda boda business: this business entails transportation of people from rural areas to towns or between towns usually over short distances. Boda boda business has attracted a large customer base as it is cheap and convenient in most cases. One should establish his loyal customers to add on the daily trips for maximum profits.

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